XA Student Summit 2009

We just wrapped up the National Chi Alpha’s 2nd National XA Student Summit held in Cliffside Retreat House in the scenic Tagaytay City. The summit was attended by a total of 54 student and youth leaders and pastors represented by different churches, sections and districts of Assemblies of God. This year’s summit was entitled “Momentum” and its main thrust is the Movement of Making Disciples. Discipleship is indeed the irreducible aspect of any campus and student ministry. The summit focused on training the delegates. There were three levels of training: Level 1 focused on personal student evangelism and disciples. Level 2 focused on leading student discipleship and small group. And Level 3 focused on mobilizing students for church-based campus ministry. Intensive and passion defined each level’s training and discussions with our National Chi Alpha workers. It was also in this summit that the Intentional Moves discipleship program was introduced as the suggested discipleship curriculum for our campus ministries in alignment to the Assemblies of God’s thrust on discipleship and mobilization. Our guest speaker for our chapel service was youth missionary Ptr. Jerome Sack who inspired us with the Word. By the end of the summit a call for commitment was raised and many young people came forward and some shared of being called towards deeper service for the Lord in full time ministry or as student missionaries in their schools.

It was also revealed by our National Youth Director Rev. Sur del Rosario that he intends to do this summit annually as a venue for training student and youth leaders and pastors in starting campus ministries in their own locales. In an effort to further establish the three fronts of the National Youth Ministries Network (Christ Ambassadors or church youth, Chi Alpha or campus ministry, and Young Adults), one of the thrust in the national youth department is to further establish the three fronts as a separate sub-department the NYMNet. Next year the National Chi Alpha will be coordinated by NYMNet staff Ptr. Patrick Tan and Ptra. Merla Laanan.

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