Support the National Student Center Project

We are excited to inform you that the National Youth Department (a.k.a. National Youth Ministries Network) will be operating a Student Center under its Chi Alpha Campus Ministries.  Situated right at the heart of University Belt in C.M. Recto Ave, the center is envisioned that to help NYD to:

  • effectively reach out to and disciple the students in the university belt;
  • train students for effective leadership that contributes to kingdom building and national transformation;
  • equip student leaders, volunteers, campus workers and youth pastors for effective youth/students ministry; and
  • establish a national center for students outreach and discipleship.  The center will also facilitate the planting of churches in educational centers nationwide, and the planting of Chi Alpha campus discipleship groups in partnership with AG churches in the Philippines.

We believe that you share this burden with us to see students and leaders won to Christ.  Would you consider partnering with us by investing your financial resources to this endeavor?  If you know of people or organizations who may want to collaborate with us, kindly let us know.  Also, attached is the initial list of things we need to kick off the center operations.  You may use this as reference to understand more of the operations of the center and how you can contribute.   Please feel free to contact me at and at 09178653758 or 09228653757 to discuss this further.

Although the project seems overwhelming, we believe that through our collaborative efforts, and the favor of our Almighty God, we can together reach Filipino youth for Christ.  May God bless your heart as you help advance His work among the youth of this nation.

For the Youth,

Rev. Sur del Rosario

Director, National Youth Department


DOWNLOAD Chi Alpha Student Center Powerpoint Presentation


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