Chi Alpha Training in Iloilo City

National Chi Alpha Training Team with workers and
student leaders from Iloilo City. For more photos
please go to this Facebook link.

Last August 21-22 the Chi Alpha team conducted a disciplers and student training in Iloilo City. The training was held at Full Gospel Center Church in Jaro who have a number of Chi Alpha members among the city’s universities. Recently, the Western Visayas District Council District Youth Department has appointed Ptr. Bygie Tuvila as the Chi Alpha city coordinator for Iloilo City. On Saturday, we had a day’s training with disciplers and students. There were around 30 students and leaders who attended the training. In the evening we had a wonderful fellowship time with some key student leaders of Chi Alpha. On Sunday afternoon we continued the session with the student leaders with strategizing and planning.

Here are the universities in Iloilo where Chi Alpha has movements:

  • Central Philippine University – probably the oldest university in Iloilo with a Chi Alpha movement. The school is private and Christian that’s why through the years Chi Alpha in CPU is thriving. This semester, XA-CPU is not registered but continuous to meet in campus grounds.
  • UP Visayas-Iloilo City Campus – “XA-UP-Iloilo” just started a year ago and is gaining momentum in the campus.
  • UP Visayas-Miag-ao – This university is 1-2 hours away from the city. This university is also larger than the one in the city (UP-Iloilo) ala UP-Manila/Diliman vs. UP-Los Banos. Chi Alpha also exists in this university.
  • Western Visayas State University – XA-WVSU or locally called “West”. Chi Alpha movement is present and is still working towards getting recognized. Please continue to pray for them.
  • Western Visayas College of Science and Technology
  • JB Lacson (Maritime School) – The local church that is reaching this maritime school is gaining favor recently from the school. The AG church calls their student ministry “ROCK” and holds a large group gathering once a week in the school’s conference room! Through the training they we’re affirmed and encourage and are working towards creating D-groups in the school. This school is also adjacent to other schools which the local church is targeting to reach.

The network of Chi Alpha movements in the city are also looking at a major gathering and joined launching of Chi Alpha organizations in a major mall in the city!

Praise God for the movement of Chi Alpha in Iloilo City! Would you pray for them?

  1. Please pray that the movement continues to be strengthened and more students in this city will be reached by the movement.
  2. Pray that students in this cities will have a deeper hunger for God.
  3. Please pray for the student leaders and campus workers to be committed and passionate for the lost. That God will give opportunities for them to be equipped. More wisdom in decisions and strategies.
  4. Pray for more local churches will see the harvest of students that are waiting in the campus and reach the students in their proximity.
  5. Pray that God will open more doors of opportunity for more students to be reached.

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