God is Doing Great Things in Chi Alpha–Bukidnon State University

A testimony/interview of Phoebe Grace Manalo as told by Patrick Tan. Phoebe Grace is the current president of Chi Alpha Chapter in Bukidnon State University in Malaybalay, Bukidnon.

God is doing great things in the ministry of Chi Alpha here in Bukidnon State University. His ways are always incomprehensible. Chi Alpha BSU chapter started in 2003 through the leadership of Sir Rene and Ate Love Andoy together with the young people from our local church. We started from scratch and without any identity yet. And most of us are not yet strong in the Lord.

We have encountered a lot of difficulties before Chi Alpha was established in BSU. For example we have experienced lack of strong and committed leaders, lack of financial support, we were not even supported by the local church. We even went to churches and campuses to bring awareness about Chi Alpha.

Today, when we think about all those butas ng karayon (eye of the needle) we experienced before, we can’t help ourselves praising the Lord for His greatness. We experienced breakthrough in the life of our leaders. They stood firm in their faith despite the ups and downs. The church has become supportive of us. And we are making a difference in our university, our family and our community.

We have overcome because of Him. Many students came to know Christ and received Him as their personal Lord and Savior. God is raising leaders with Christ-like character in mentoring the “Chi-Alphans” to grow in the knowledge of Christ. To date, XA-BSU has 50 members and more than ten commited student leaders and six prospect leaders. There are also individuals outside our school who have volunteered for the ministry. We have five volunteer staff–four from our church and one came as a fruit of the Chi Alpha ministry. The Assembly of God church in Casisang, Malaybalay City collaborated and supported us in the ministry.

And even in the area of finances, God is continually increasing it. God connected us to people who give generously for the ministry. At the same time, every leader and staff member is committed to give their investments. We use to raise our funds by making handicrafts and selling them. And now, we are thinking of more ways to invest our money to raise more funds for the ministry.

This coming August 27-28, we will be having a Leadership Enhancement Seminar. In November, we’re planning to have our first Chi Alpha Sportsfest to reach out to students through sports and strengthen the camaraderie of our members. Chi Alpha has also planted a new chapter in Quezon High School We are also planning to open another Chi Alpha chapter in Kisolon High School, so please help us pray for this breakthrough.

If I were to give advice to fellow workers and students who are starting up a Chi Alpha Student Ministry in their school, here are some pointers: (1) Be prayerful, always ask God’s guidance and direction. (2) Build strong leaders first, before sending them to the harvest field. (3) Each leader must have a mentor. (4) Leaders should have a regular time for nurturing and group prayer. (5) Before launching Chi Alpha in your university, find a key person you can tap to help you “legalize” the operation of the ministry in the university.

Kaya po, all glory belongs to the Lord for all that He has done in us here in Chi Alpha Bukidnon State University!

Got a testimony to share about how God is moving in your campus? E-mail us!


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