Chi Alpha Turns One in Southern Iloilo Polytechnic College

by Maria Teresa M. Javellena

I praise and thank the Lord for Ministry Partners like YOU! Late in 2007, the Fishing Vessel Ministry of Neighbourhood Full Gospel Church (NFGC/AG) was already having a campus activity at Southern Iloilo Polytechnic College (SIPC-WVCST) Campus. However, we were solely focused on evangelism back then. Through it we had established friendships with high school and college students especially with the group handled by Celza Natan. It was then, that we saw the need of a particular place to fellowship. We asked Ma’am Melba Magote about a room and she was positive in answering that her room was available.

God saw the need as well and He is as always a God of timing, we prayed about it and the answer came. On June 8, 2009, I was able to meet Lea National of Miracle AG, she is with the District Youth Ministry and she mentioned about Chi Alpha (XA) “Christ’s Ambassadors” an AG campus ministry. I talked it over with Celza Natan, a UP student and a member of the Fishing Vessel Team who informed me that she was also able to talk to Lea about it. She agreed to commit to handle the Campus Ministry and so, the FV ministry members got involved in establishing Chi Alpha in SIPC. We worked on finalizing the constitution and by laws and the group started to meet on June 15, 2009 at 11:30AM-1:00PM every Wednesday at the room of Sis Melba Magote. who served as one of the advisers of Chi Alpha.

Now, our regular activity starts at 12:00 noon with Elfrance Pahimnayan officially handling the group after Celza Natan left for schooling in Manila. It starts with a game, praise and worship, opening prayer, and the dividing in two groups for new comers handled by Elfrance and regular attendees for discipleship handled by myself. Newcomers are evangelized first before they could join the regular group for discipleship. We share snacks after the discipleship as we fellowshipped with one another.

On the last week of October last year, we conducted an overnight Sem-Ender Activity. There was a film showing “Fireproof” and an evangelism workshop. Praise God for moving mightily and for equipping the students. Chi Alpha also had a booth for a week During the Alumni Homecoming Week of SIPC last January 2010. It was an opportunity to give out tracts and freebees to students. It was also a chance to promote Chi Alpha. Chi Alpha celebrated its First Year Anniversary on August 25, 2010. It was well attended by regular members and newcomers. The program included the following: Praise and Worship led by Joy Faith National, Opening Prayer led by Sis Melba Magote, Welcome by Leo Pagapulan, Exhortation by Rev. Edgar Germo, games in between, the History of Chi Alpha was given by me (Tess Javellana), evaluation by Ping Nierves and Elfrance was the Emcee. We had a wonderful fellowship over food as well. Several students gave their testimonies and everyone was blessed on how God worked in their lives. It was so encouraging.

As part of the celebration Chi Alpha facilitated the distribution of Bibles to 1st Year and 2nd Year students of SIPC in cooperation with Gideon’s International (Iloilo Chapter) on August 23, 2010. We praise God for souls of students who are being reached through this Ministry. We now have a common material for follow-up for regular attendees. Praise God for the Intentional Moves booklets, we have already finished with lesson 1. Regular attendance every meeting range from 15-20, as the students come and go. We have at least 35 students who come and go regularly and more are adding every week. Since they are now progressing in number and some are already growing in the Lord. I challenged them to start committing themselves to the organization, to pray for God’s direction to shape the direction of Chi Alpha and to find them actively participating in doing the work.

As they have been blessed, they must also be a blessing to others. All these cannot be achieved without you, our Ministry Partners! Thank you once again for partnering with us. Please continue to lift Chi Alpha up in prayers. God bless us all!!!

Till our nets are full, Maria Teresa M. Javellena


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