XA-BPSU 2010 Report

The Password Chi Alpha is the local Chi Alpha chapter in Bataan Peninsula State University (BPSU). The chapter is currently lead by its org president Marvin Rhey D. Quitoras. To God be the glory!


The Password Chi Alpha (XA) is more of a movement than an organization. Its main objective is to lead the students back to Christ. At this world full of confusion and despair, Only One Being can free us from all these and He is no other than Jesus, the sole Savior and Redeemer.
As a movement, XA has conducted the following activities:

Sponsored and initiated by the Campus Student Council (CSC), a recruitment week was held wherein accredited organizations from Bataan Peninsula State University (BPSU) -Main Campus endorsed their respective ‘group’ for students specifically freshmen to be part of it.
Being one of these orgs, the back then Chi Alpha Campus Fellowship which is now the Password Chi Alpha, engaged in the said recruitment.
Including the leaders and the old members, the students who became part of the student body reached a total of 103.

Chi Alpha, being an international and national organization, sees to it that there is a connection between Chi Alpha’s especially among universities and campuses in the Philippines.
In view of this, the National Youth Ministry Network (NYMN) of the Philippine General Council of the Assemblies of God in the area Campus Ministries in the country as headed by the over-all coordinator, Pastor Sur del Rosario called for a student summit leadership training held at Cliffside Retreat House, Tagaytay City.
Attended by various schools across the country, the event indeed intensifies the calling for students to fully share God’s words at any costs. Talks delivered by the workers of XA national were done but the students were first divided into three groups. Nevertheless, despite the divided sessions of the three groups, there are still workshops done as a whole. Strategies to reach the campus were also discussed.
Delegates from BPSU-XA were Marvin Rhey D. Quitoras (President) and Calvin S. Bautista (Vice President). Among the campuses who attended the training were: University of the Philippines (Los Banos), University of Santo Tomas, University of the East, MAPUA, Don Bosco and other universities nationwide.

“A team will not be consider a team unless united with one goal and one spirit.”
Thus, The Password Chi Alpha conducted a one-day team building event held at Welding and Fabrication Shop, BPSU-Main Campus.
The activity aimed to enhance the unity among leaders and members of XA. This was accomplished through conducting series of games in which a realization was made after each game. Furthermore, XA eyes the activity to be helpful for easy accomplishing its task for the school year by coming up with activities that will further boost its mission and that is to reconcile the students to Christ, transform the University, the marketplace and the world.

Just like any other organizations, The Password Chi Alpha also conducted its annual Christmas party which was held at the Audio Visual Room, Main Campus.
The event featured the video presentation representing the transfigurations of XA since its first year during 2007. Activities such as presentation of special numbers, games were done to invigorate the presence of Christmas. Worship through singing to the Lord was also part of the activity. Moreover, messages from the side of the XA officers and the adviser was delivered.
Gracing the event was also Mrs. Carmelita O. Ocampo, faculty from College of Engineering and Architecture (CEA) which was also one of the supporters of XA among teachers of BPSU.

Chi Alpha conducted weekly and monthly fellowships. These fellowships aimed to bring the members of the organization closer to each other but more importantly to the Lord. These meetings also served as follow-up activities to the students who first attended Chi Alpha gathering.


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