Roxas & Kalibo Consultation

by Ptr. Bygie Tuliva

Ptra. Merla Laanan (NYMNet-XA Visayas Regional Coordinator) with Kalibo Consultation delegates.

Last February 15 & 16, 2011, I’ve had the opportunity of joining Ptr. Neil Fadrigo (WVDC DYD) in assisting Ptr. Merla Laanan (National Chi Alpha) conduct the Chi Alpha Consultation in Roxas City, Capiz and in Kalibo, Aklan for two consecutive days.

The consultation in Roxas City was held at First Assembly Roxas Missions, the church of PGCAG General Superintendent Rev. Reynaldo Calusay who just two weeks ago spoke at the WVDCAG Convention about the need in discipling the little children especially those belonging to the ages 4-14 years of age or what they call the “4/14 Window.” Ptr. Merla conducted the consultation the whole day. The second one in Kalibo was at Ptr. Rowena Andrade’s church, the New Assembly of God Church. This time around I took charge of the morning session while Ptr. Neil had the afternoon slot.

Ptr. Bygie leading a session during Kalibo Consultation

I saw in the faces of the youth pastors and student leaders sent to attend the consultation eagerness to learn more on how to disciple and organize their young people into Spirit-filled and effective ministers of the Gospel.

Nowadays, I can see God opening wide windows of opportunities for us to evangelize and disciple the young people. Trainings, materials and openness of the young people to spiritual matters are readily available for us to grab and take advantage. These opportunities will be put to good use when the young men and women of God will take a stand and say, “Here am I Lord, send me!”

Ptr. Bygie Tuliva & Ptr. Neil Fadrigo

Ptr. Bygie Tuliva is a team member of NYMNet-XA Visayas Regional Team and youth pastor of Full Gospel Community Church in Jaro City, Iloilo


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