XALTing in La Trinidad!

by Ptr. Patrick Tan

La Trinidad valley in sunrise
greets us every day.

Last May 18-20, we held Chi Alpha Leaders Training (XALT) in South Central Cordillera District Council (SCCDC). The training was held in The Highlands Metropolitan Assembly of God church in Puguis, La Trinidad, Benguet. THMAGC is also where the district superintendent Rev. Walter Caput pastors. This training had a three milestones. First, this is the first time we held a district XALT training in mainland Luzon. Since our leadership in June 2010, we focused on Visayas and Mindanao districts. Second, this is also the ministry debut of our XA Luzon Training Team. And thirdly, this is by far the largest attended district training.

The training was attended by 54 delegates from SCCDC led by Ptr. Joshua Balite district youth director. 5 delegates come from North Eastern Luzon District Council (NELDC) led by Rev. Lilian Ambojonon, district youth director. We successfully conducted the three tracks: Student, Discipler and Mobilizer Tracks, mostly attended by students and youth workers. As always, the training focused mainly on the significance and practice of evangelism and discipleship in student and campus life. We were also blessed to have Rev. Sur del Rosario, our national youth director, as our guest trainor and commissioning speaker.

Another highlight of the training was our “discovery” of a long-time existing AG campus ministry in Benguet State University. Agape Campus Mission (ACM) is a church-based campus ministry under THMAGC and had been existing since 1985! The ministry was help-pioneered by the late Jojo Baga, a well-known campus worker in the AG movement in the late 80s and 90s. The ministry is headed each year by the org president under the oversight of the senior pastor himself. We were also able to meet Sir Vic, who is a long time adviser (professor) of the org and also a member of the church. They were very pleased to know that there is a national student ministry movement in AG and delighted of the training we conducted. ACM had a huge delegation in the training largely by students from BSU.

Delegates at Benguet State University

As always, we allotted the third day afternoon for campus visitation for delegates to practice gospel presentation and prayerwalking. Benguet State University is just a few minutes away from the church. Praise God because that morning we got a permit to enter the campus by the OSA care of the two AG professors in BSU. So that afternoon, 50 plus delegates entered BSU, each with their assigned locations to pray for the campus and share the gospel to students. At the end of the day, we were able to make 54 contacts, 43 of those signified commitment to Christ through prayer of salvation! Praise the Lord! We turned over our contacts to the local AG campus ministry to be followed-up.

On the last night, we commissioned two Chi Alpha coordinators in the district. The district superintendent himself asked to appoint two XA coordinators. One for SCCDC (Benguet and Mt. Province), and another for Baguio City, which is a section in itself. He recognizes that Baguio City has a character unique from the rest of the district and is heavily saturated by campuses, attended by students even from far off places. So heeding from the DS’ suggestion, DYD Ptr. Joshua Balite, appointed Ptr. Recmar Duping, as XA coordinator for SCCDC, and Ptr. Jemon Subang, as XA Coordinator for “Baguio University Belt”.

To God be the glory for the things He has done in XALT La Trinidad! We are looking forward for movements of multiplying disciples in this area, and as we go to other districts in Luzon!

Ptr. Patrick is the current National Chi Alpha coordinator, also serving as Luzon XA regional coordinator.



Delegates prayerwalking in BSU.


Practicing Gospel Presentation


Practicing Discipleship Group


Commissioning Night, speaker Rev. Sur del Rosario


Commissioning of District XA Coordaintors. Ptr. Recmar Duping, SCCDC XA Coordinator (left), Ptr. Jemon Subang, XA Coordinator Baguio University Belt (right).


Delegates of XALT-SCCDC


Gospel Sharing in BSU.

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