WVDC Chi Alpha Back-to-School Kick-off Rally

The WVDC Chi Alpha Back-to-School Kick-off Rally has just been concluded. There were 169 attendees which include the WVDC XA Team (Merla Laanan, Neil Mandal Fadrigo, Mamerto Alagos Jr., Leah M. Nacional, Val Rianne Billones & Bygie Tuliva w/ the special participation of Wa Aragona), some youth pastors/leaders & students from different parts of Panay studying Iloilo City & Towns.

Rev. Aragona gave a powerful message on the urgency for the young people to act as missionaries in their campuses; evangelizing & discipling their classmates, barkadas & even teachers (why not?). As of this moment, two students were reported to have been baptized in the Holy Spirit while praying during the challenge to totally commit their lives for cause of Christ. There may be more of them.

The students were then grouped according to their campuses. There they got acquainted with each other and set up schedules for Disciples Groups. Rev. Aragona also gathered those who were interested to join the Music and Theatrics Team. This team will be trained to do presentations during XA gatherings or promotions when needed.

More Photos here.


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