Testimonies from XALT La Trinidad

Delegates at Benguet State University

As one of the youngest leader at The Highland Metropolitan Assemblies of God Church (THMAGC) and the current president of Agape Campus Mission, our local student ministry in Benguet State University, I am honored to be part of the Chi Alpha Leaders Training. We have been waiting for this kind of training and God answered our prayer. This training challenged us to step out of our comfort zones, especially in the aspect of evangelism. The campus saturation helped us in developing the courage to face our fears. Today, I can see its impact and how it changed on our young people. To God be the glory.
– Marc Ceenan Malucay, Agape Campus Mission BSU president

I thank God for giving us the opportunity to join the Chi Alpha Leaders Training. Through that training, God slowly changed my perspective and motives. I realized the importance of evangelism and discipleship. The campus saturation served as an eye opener for me personally. I was indeed an initiation. To God be the glory.

– Aileen Simeon, Youth leader and Campus ministry leader, Benguet State University

I learned so much from the Chi Alpha training. I learned about STAR (evangelism), discipleship and R2P4 (commitments). After our “initiation” at Benguet State University, I was a totally different person. Before I was so scared in sharing my faith, but now the fear has been wiped away.

– Edrianz San Juan, youth

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