Because They Prayed … and Fasted

by Bygie Tuliva, Chi Alpha Iloilo City

Delegates from recently concluded Chi Alpha
Leaders Training held in Iloilo City last Oct 26-28

Last week, we challenged the XA leaders of CPU (Central Philippine University) & JNHS (Jaro National High School) to pray and fast for our movement. They took on the challenge and didn’t wait for this week to do that but on that week itself. The results were quicker than expected. Last Friday, the attendance of the CPU D-Group (Discipleship Group) ballooned to the point that the room they were meeting in was filled with students and many of them had to stand because all of the chairs were occupied.

By Saturday, we were informed that an opportunity for XA to be recognized in UI has been opened. UI (University of Iloilo) has been tough to infiltrate ever since XA started in Iloilo City but now it seems that God Himself made a way for us to reach that campus.

Just this Sunday, a CPU high school student who attended the just concluded XALT (Chi Alpha Leaders Training) brought along three of her dance troupe co-members in the morning service. It was the first time of the three to attend. And by evening this same student attended a service again but this time with her classmate which tagged along to church, for the second time. A JNHS high school student, a XA leader as well, managed to bring along her classmate to the Sunday service. This classmate has been attending the JNHS D-Group from quite some time and it was her first time to attend the church service. Here’s the best part, another JNHS student, also a XA leader, brought her entire family to the church! She somehow convinced her mother, step dad & step siblings to attend. In her joy of seeing her prayers answered, here’s what she said, “If this is what prayer and fasting does, I’ll do it everyday.”

Chi Alphans, God really answers prayers. But coupled with fasting, the results can be phenomenal. =)


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