Ed’s Testimony

Ed Gabud Jr.

Below is a testimony written by Ed Gabud Jr., president of Chi Alpha in University of Cebu in Cebu City, Philippines.

Hello! I’m Eduardo Gabud Jr., 17 years of age, first year student from UC-main taking up a course of Business Administration Major in Management Accounting. This time I would like to share my story how I really accepted and found God through Chi Alpha student ministry. This is the beginning of my journey towards finding God. Take a little moment and read my story.

I was in a noisy study hall; I can’t concentrate studying my lessons. A man and woman sat right beside me. They kept on staring at me while I was doing my assignment. I smiled at them once, twice, and many times until we had meaningful conversation. Their sparkling eyes made me think something, who are they? What are they doing here? At first, I thought they are one of the students here but they’re not. After they introduced their selves, they explained their purpose of coming into the campus. They shared to me the four facts of life.

Their purpose persuaded me to join their organization which is “Chi Alpha” means Christ Apostles. Fortunately, I received a note from them and they taught learning about the relationship between me and God. Afterwards, I realized what really my purpose being one of the disciples of God. I have sometimes doubted God about His interest on me. But, His ultimate purpose to prosper me and give me a hope and a future captivates me. I was so curios at that time.

After several meetings and discussion about God it slowly enlightens some cloud of doubts. I realized then why I need to believe in God. I was searching God day after day, night after night; I kept on realizing and seeking God. Honestly, I felt guilty I continue making things that displeases the Lord. If God is always there to guide me, why I can’t solve my problem? Actually there are times I got mad at God and it’s been a longtime when I cannot do things right. For the reason I was not satisfied for what I did. Due to the fact that it’s hard to receive God’s will with a hidden guilt. Now, I thank the Lord for His saving grace.

Ed shares his personal testimony at
Chi Alpha Leaders Training last October.

Before the month of July ended, it’s been a great pleasure to have momentous spiritual changes. For how many days I was thinking, I thank God for being so near to Him. People in Chi Alpha mold me to really accept God as my Lord and Savior. I totally absorbed God will as they shared to me. I acknowledged that I was I sinner. I believed that God sent His beloved Jesus Christ to die on the cross to save me. All the doubts I have has gone, even though I am a sinner but I could be a disciple of God. The Organization I am joining pushed me to strive hard to knowing God better. I find myself proud and humble as I learned the importance of acceptance. There, my faith in God is strengthened.


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