My Family Away from Home

by Mary Grace Macaspac

Note: Mary Grace’s personal testimony is originally written in Tagalog & English and was translated to English for the purpose of our readers. Her original post can be found here –

Life Streams Chi Alpha … Sounds like a fraternity right? My previous thought as well. But recently we are often mistaken for a sorority because most of our members are women.

So what is Life Streams Chi Alpha? Often times our campus pastor would have us recite our mission statement to keep us focused on the reason why Chi Alpha exists in University of the Philippines Los Banos …

“We are a movement of multiplying disciples, reconciling students to Christ, transforming the family, the campus, the marketplace and the World.”

That’s our mission. We love having fun but we do not forget our purpose in this campus. We’re a group of students with different personalities but our hearts beat as one. We want to make God smile.

(Bonding at Freedom Park, UPLB campus, Summer 2012)

I met the students that made up XA during 2nd Semester freshman year. They were just few then. Only 10 students I think. Four were graduating that year. They had a small place that they rent for their “Life Gathering” every Wednesday night. I was inspired by their lives especially the leaders. They are fully committed to serve God even when there are times that they have to sleep late. I saw in them the kind of love without the wrong motives—the love of brothers and sisters in Christ. It is through them I learned the real meaning of the word commitment, discipleship and accountability.

(Semender 2012—too bad not everyone was present)

It’s delightful to remember that we were just made up of 10 students. Today we often run out of seats every Life Gathering. Awesome right? God is really at work! And I feel grateful I saw that with my own eyes. In fact it’s overwhelming. God didn’t let our labors be in vain … 🙂 God may be using us in sharing His Word, in inviting fellow young people, but we know that it’s Him who works in the hearts of each one.

I believe that there are more blessings in store that the Lord will pour out in His ministry. And we are so much excited how the Lord continue to move in UPLB!


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