XA Prayer Request: Puerto Princesa City

Please, include our student ministry here in Puerto Princesa City in your prayers. Pray that the Principal IV of Palawan National School and the Student Affairs Directress of Palawan State University will approve our accreditation papers as soon as possible for this will provide way for us to distribute Book of Hope to both institutions.

Also, please, pray for all the chi alphans to receive
the baptism of the Holy Spirit so we couldl boldly witness for Jesus.

One more…please…we have this nationwide rally “I’m gonna P.U.S.H. (Pray Until Something Happens) for my campus.” We’ve been doing campus prayer walk and evangelism. Pray that our campuses will be saturated with God’s power and presence.

Hallelu YAH! Palawan State University did cancel Saturday and Sunday classes. P.S.University students are now free to go to church and Christian meetings during these days. Continue to pray for God to really do inspire the students to use these free days for Him. Thank you so much, chi alphans… Mizpah!

– Dorcas Besa


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