XA Touch: Beyond My Expectations

by Patricia Mae Saludes, Central Philippine University Chi Alpha

I joined Chi Alpha just to really know about it. To get involve what was that banner brings for. And of course to learn new things and to gain more friends. After I really know about Chi Alpha my first impression about it was very too far for what i been expecting. It was so “WOW” because in my very young age God would really use me to get involve for what we call disciple making, and i said to my self God knows best just obey Him and get involve with it. NO matter who we are we can never say no when God speak to us.

Chi Alpha change my life in a very simple way but in a very hard decision.You know why? It’s very hard because I really need it to surrender all to Jesus, to not to do bad things and it’s really difficult for me to do that. But when God starting to move in my life and i obeyed Him and start to flow with Him….Got Ya!!! All were change! And to tell you guys if we want to change to follow God surrender all to Jesus your all in all nothing will be left in your life that you need to hold on still, give it all to Jesus.God would take care of it.

After spending time with Chi Alpha the changes that i have seen in myself was I learned to have some time with God just to study His word everyday to pray and to fast. To wear modest clothes than to wear sexy clothes that displeases in His sight. To be matured on His word and defiant in sharing History to others.To live trust Him always in every areas of my life. Strong enough to face giants! Because I believe my God is bigger in all ways. 🙂

The most important lesson that Chi Alpha taught to me was to make disciples and multiply, to reconcile students to Christ and to transform the family the campus the marketplace and the world. To get involve in disciple making.

My most memorable Chi Alpha experience is when I saw my classmates committed and happy serving God. And to all the person I meet and share about Christ and turn to God their Source….:) Amen!


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