XA Touch: I don’t control my life now

Ask anyone who knew me 3 years ago. I was too shy to even say hi. Whenever I walked my eyes looked straight towards the ground. I thought I was useless and hopeless that nothing and no one could ever change me. I was also full of pride. If someone rebukes me I find another delusional lie to convince that person and myself that I corrected it. I thought I was already okay, doing good and not offending anyone but the sad truth was deception, pride and insecurity reigned over me. I was the center of my life.

When I joined Chi Alpha, God taught me He loved me no matter who I am through the Chi Alphans. Stubborn as I was, I didn’t fully commit my life to Him. When God moved in my life, He broke my spirit. It was painful, but I’m thankful That He has a plan for everything. I don’t control my life now. I don’t know what lies ahead of me everyday as I am seeking Him, reading His word and standing amazed at how wonderful He is. I’m committing whatever I do for His glory and He has never failed me.

Angeli Aragona
2nd Year BS Tourism
Central Philippine University


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