Church-based Student Ministry

Church-based Student Ministry (CBSM) is a campus ministry model wherein the ministry owned, supervised and developed by a local church either through its duly commissioned campus worker or through its members who are students. It is directly linked with the youth ministry of the church.

Church-based Student Ministry

Core Values of CBSM

The following six core values are non-negotiable essentials to the CBSM model:

  • Church and campus connect
  • Aggressive evangelism through intentional discipleship
  • Movement Mentality
  • Power of the Holy Spirit
  • Utilize students as missionaries here and now (before they become missionaries there and then)
  • Sustainable systems

Church-based Student Ministry can be accomplished when your church commit to become S.A.L.T. to the campus:

  1. S – Send your students as missionaries to their campuses
  2. A – Adopt a campus as the church’s mission field
  3. L – Launch student D-groups in campuses
  4. T – Train your students in aggressive evangelism through intentional discipleship