Why Reach Students?


Students are in their stage of life where they develop lasting values and make life-long decisions as a person. By reaching the students in our campuses, we offer them an opportunity of a lifetime to encounter Jesus and make the most important decision of their lives.


Our young people today are battered by life’s pressures and problems more than ever. Broken families, peer pressure, issues on sexuality and unwise living are some of the issues may have to face every single day. By reaching the students in our campuses, we offer new hope through Christ and help them succeed in life.


Our students today will become tomorrow’s workforce, leaders and family builders. By reaching and discipling our students towards Christ-likeness and excellence, we are sending them out as “salt and light” in the marketplace and in our society through time.


The social, scientific and spiritual theories of today’s campuses will become the accepted norm for tomorrow’s grade’s schools, businesses and television program. What Philippines is and what it will become is directly related to what happens to this generation’s students. As a nation’s youth go, so goes the future of the nation.


Historically, we see an increase in the blessing of God when we focus on reaching the peoples of the world. Part of the student population in our universities is made up of foreign students who after their studies go back to their respective countries or move on to other nations. George Barna says reaching international students is an “opportunity of a lifetime.” These students are at our doorstep.


A significantly higher number of Christian youth attend higher education in the city far from their homes and respective towns. By reaching these students we protect and empower the investment our churches have made during the critical transitions from home to campus and from the campus to the marketplace.


Jesus has commissioned no other agency to “go and make disciples of all nations” but the Church. It is only the Church who is accountable to carry out Christ’s command. Only an empowered local church can produce Christ-like students mobilized for ministry and missions.