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XA Touch: I don’t control my life now

Ask anyone who knew me 3 years ago. I was too shy to even say hi. Whenever I walked my eyes looked straight towards the ground. I thought I was useless and hopeless that nothing and no one could ever change me. I was also full of pride. If someone rebukes me I find another delusional lie to convince that person and myself that I corrected it. I thought I was already okay, doing good and not offending anyone but the sad truth was deception, pride and insecurity reigned over me. I was the center of my life.

When I joined Chi Alpha, God taught me He loved me no matter who I am through the Chi Alphans. Stubborn as I was, I didn’t fully commit my life to Him. When God moved in my life, He broke my spirit. It was painful, but I’m thankful That He has a plan for everything. I don’t control my life now. I don’t know what lies ahead of me everyday as I am seeking Him, reading His word and standing amazed at how wonderful He is. I’m committing whatever I do for His glory and He has never failed me.

Angeli Aragona
2nd Year BS Tourism
Central Philippine University

XA Touch: Beyond My Expectations

by Patricia Mae Saludes, Central Philippine University Chi Alpha

I joined Chi Alpha just to really know about it. To get involve what was that banner brings for. And of course to learn new things and to gain more friends. After I really know about Chi Alpha my first impression about it was very too far for what i been expecting. It was so “WOW” because in my very young age God would really use me to get involve for what we call disciple making, and i said to my self God knows best just obey Him and get involve with it. NO matter who we are we can never say no when God speak to us.

Chi Alpha change my life in a very simple way but in a very hard decision.You know why? It’s very hard because I really need it to surrender all to Jesus, to not to do bad things and it’s really difficult for me to do that. But when God starting to move in my life and i obeyed Him and start to flow with Him….Got Ya!!! All were change! And to tell you guys if we want to change to follow God surrender all to Jesus your all in all nothing will be left in your life that you need to hold on still, give it all to Jesus.God would take care of it.

After spending time with Chi Alpha the changes that i have seen in myself was I learned to have some time with God just to study His word everyday to pray and to fast. To wear modest clothes than to wear sexy clothes that displeases in His sight. To be matured on His word and defiant in sharing History to others.To live trust Him always in every areas of my life. Strong enough to face giants! Because I believe my God is bigger in all ways. 🙂

The most important lesson that Chi Alpha taught to me was to make disciples and multiply, to reconcile students to Christ and to transform the family the campus the marketplace and the world. To get involve in disciple making.

My most memorable Chi Alpha experience is when I saw my classmates committed and happy serving God. And to all the person I meet and share about Christ and turn to God their Source….:) Amen!

My Family Away from Home

by Mary Grace Macaspac

Note: Mary Grace’s personal testimony is originally written in Tagalog & English and was translated to English for the purpose of our readers. Her original post can be found here –

Life Streams Chi Alpha … Sounds like a fraternity right? My previous thought as well. But recently we are often mistaken for a sorority because most of our members are women.

So what is Life Streams Chi Alpha? Often times our campus pastor would have us recite our mission statement to keep us focused on the reason why Chi Alpha exists in University of the Philippines Los Banos …

“We are a movement of multiplying disciples, reconciling students to Christ, transforming the family, the campus, the marketplace and the World.”

That’s our mission. We love having fun but we do not forget our purpose in this campus. We’re a group of students with different personalities but our hearts beat as one. We want to make God smile.

(Bonding at Freedom Park, UPLB campus, Summer 2012)

I met the students that made up XA during 2nd Semester freshman year. They were just few then. Only 10 students I think. Four were graduating that year. They had a small place that they rent for their “Life Gathering” every Wednesday night. I was inspired by their lives especially the leaders. They are fully committed to serve God even when there are times that they have to sleep late. I saw in them the kind of love without the wrong motives—the love of brothers and sisters in Christ. It is through them I learned the real meaning of the word commitment, discipleship and accountability.

(Semender 2012—too bad not everyone was present)

It’s delightful to remember that we were just made up of 10 students. Today we often run out of seats every Life Gathering. Awesome right? God is really at work! And I feel grateful I saw that with my own eyes. In fact it’s overwhelming. God didn’t let our labors be in vain … 🙂 God may be using us in sharing His Word, in inviting fellow young people, but we know that it’s Him who works in the hearts of each one.

I believe that there are more blessings in store that the Lord will pour out in His ministry. And we are so much excited how the Lord continue to move in UPLB!

Ed’s Testimony

Ed Gabud Jr.

Below is a testimony written by Ed Gabud Jr., president of Chi Alpha in University of Cebu in Cebu City, Philippines.

Hello! I’m Eduardo Gabud Jr., 17 years of age, first year student from UC-main taking up a course of Business Administration Major in Management Accounting. This time I would like to share my story how I really accepted and found God through Chi Alpha student ministry. This is the beginning of my journey towards finding God. Take a little moment and read my story.

I was in a noisy study hall; I can’t concentrate studying my lessons. A man and woman sat right beside me. They kept on staring at me while I was doing my assignment. I smiled at them once, twice, and many times until we had meaningful conversation. Their sparkling eyes made me think something, who are they? What are they doing here? At first, I thought they are one of the students here but they’re not. After they introduced their selves, they explained their purpose of coming into the campus. They shared to me the four facts of life.

Their purpose persuaded me to join their organization which is “Chi Alpha” means Christ Apostles. Fortunately, I received a note from them and they taught learning about the relationship between me and God. Afterwards, I realized what really my purpose being one of the disciples of God. I have sometimes doubted God about His interest on me. But, His ultimate purpose to prosper me and give me a hope and a future captivates me. I was so curios at that time.

After several meetings and discussion about God it slowly enlightens some cloud of doubts. I realized then why I need to believe in God. I was searching God day after day, night after night; I kept on realizing and seeking God. Honestly, I felt guilty I continue making things that displeases the Lord. If God is always there to guide me, why I can’t solve my problem? Actually there are times I got mad at God and it’s been a longtime when I cannot do things right. For the reason I was not satisfied for what I did. Due to the fact that it’s hard to receive God’s will with a hidden guilt. Now, I thank the Lord for His saving grace.

Ed shares his personal testimony at
Chi Alpha Leaders Training last October.

Before the month of July ended, it’s been a great pleasure to have momentous spiritual changes. For how many days I was thinking, I thank God for being so near to Him. People in Chi Alpha mold me to really accept God as my Lord and Savior. I totally absorbed God will as they shared to me. I acknowledged that I was I sinner. I believed that God sent His beloved Jesus Christ to die on the cross to save me. All the doubts I have has gone, even though I am a sinner but I could be a disciple of God. The Organization I am joining pushed me to strive hard to knowing God better. I find myself proud and humble as I learned the importance of acceptance. There, my faith in God is strengthened.

Because They Prayed … and Fasted

by Bygie Tuliva, Chi Alpha Iloilo City

Delegates from recently concluded Chi Alpha
Leaders Training held in Iloilo City last Oct 26-28

Last week, we challenged the XA leaders of CPU (Central Philippine University) & JNHS (Jaro National High School) to pray and fast for our movement. They took on the challenge and didn’t wait for this week to do that but on that week itself. The results were quicker than expected. Last Friday, the attendance of the CPU D-Group (Discipleship Group) ballooned to the point that the room they were meeting in was filled with students and many of them had to stand because all of the chairs were occupied.

By Saturday, we were informed that an opportunity for XA to be recognized in UI has been opened. UI (University of Iloilo) has been tough to infiltrate ever since XA started in Iloilo City but now it seems that God Himself made a way for us to reach that campus.

Just this Sunday, a CPU high school student who attended the just concluded XALT (Chi Alpha Leaders Training) brought along three of her dance troupe co-members in the morning service. It was the first time of the three to attend. And by evening this same student attended a service again but this time with her classmate which tagged along to church, for the second time. A JNHS high school student, a XA leader as well, managed to bring along her classmate to the Sunday service. This classmate has been attending the JNHS D-Group from quite some time and it was her first time to attend the church service. Here’s the best part, another JNHS student, also a XA leader, brought her entire family to the church! She somehow convinced her mother, step dad & step siblings to attend. In her joy of seeing her prayers answered, here’s what she said, “If this is what prayer and fasting does, I’ll do it everyday.”

Chi Alphans, God really answers prayers. But coupled with fasting, the results can be phenomenal. =)

Testimonies from XALT La Trinidad

Delegates at Benguet State University

As one of the youngest leader at The Highland Metropolitan Assemblies of God Church (THMAGC) and the current president of Agape Campus Mission, our local student ministry in Benguet State University, I am honored to be part of the Chi Alpha Leaders Training. We have been waiting for this kind of training and God answered our prayer. This training challenged us to step out of our comfort zones, especially in the aspect of evangelism. The campus saturation helped us in developing the courage to face our fears. Today, I can see its impact and how it changed on our young people. To God be the glory.
– Marc Ceenan Malucay, Agape Campus Mission BSU president

I thank God for giving us the opportunity to join the Chi Alpha Leaders Training. Through that training, God slowly changed my perspective and motives. I realized the importance of evangelism and discipleship. The campus saturation served as an eye opener for me personally. I was indeed an initiation. To God be the glory.

– Aileen Simeon, Youth leader and Campus ministry leader, Benguet State University

I learned so much from the Chi Alpha training. I learned about STAR (evangelism), discipleship and R2P4 (commitments). After our “initiation” at Benguet State University, I was a totally different person. Before I was so scared in sharing my faith, but now the fear has been wiped away.

– Edrianz San Juan, youth