For Districts and Sections

The District Youth Department shall oversee and facilitate the movement of Chi Alpha and other AG student movements in their district. We encourage you to visit the following pages to know more about how Chi Alpha operates:

Function of District Chi Alpha

  1. Create awareness– Create awareness of the XA ministry and its nature of Church-based Student Ministry among local churches by aggressive promotion during district, sectional meetings, church visits or whenever and wherever possible.
  2. Coordinate trainings– Secure and schedule XA trainings, consultations, saturations that will help local churches in starting their own student ministries. Major services include Consultation, XA Leaders Training and Campus Saturation.
  3. Chart movements– Survey, identify and monitor Chi Alpha and AG Church-based Student Ministry movements in the district. Determine the needs of existing student ministries and provide solutions and resources with National XA’s help.
  4. Chapter planting– Initiate, facilitate and coordinate possible pioneering of Chi Alpha chapters in key educational centers in the district. This may mean identifying local churches who are interested to start local XA ministry and collaborating/partnering with the National XA to conduct one-month campus saturation in the area.
  5. Continue the momentum– Conserve and expand the student ministry movement in the district by creating programs that will facilitate such growth such as campus rallies, kick-off rallies and district fund raisings.

A district Chi Alpha coordinator and team comprised of sectional representatives shall be appointed in place by the district youth department for this function.

Qualifications of district and Chi Alpha coordinators

  1. Must have at least 2 years ministry experience in Youth and/or Campus/Student Ministry.
  2. Has good rapport with the District and among sections.
  3. Must have a genuine missional heart to reach young people and students.
  4. Willing to work and cooperate with sections and the National XA.
  5. Willing to raise funds for ministry needs as needed.
  6. Willing to visit and travel for possible promotions, trainings and other XA programs.