Guide your friend to grow in Christ

Like a newborn baby, every person born into faith in Christ needs to be nurtured. You must commit not only to share Christ to your friend, but also to nurture them in the faith. Guide them to be a follower or disciple of Christ, and commit to nurture them until they share Christ and disciple others.

Here are ways you can nurture a new believer:

Guide Them in KNOWING Christ More – Rejoice with the person for making the decision to follow Christ. Now challenge them to know Christ more. Invite your friend for a one-on-one bible study or invite them to join a Student Discipleship Group. You may use and discuss the Intentional Moves Series during your bible study time.

Guide Them in GROWING In Christ – Challenge your friend to make small steady steps to grow in relationship with God. Show them how to develop their Time Alone with God by regularly reading the Bible and praying.

Guide Them in SERVING Christ – Guide them in serving Christ by helping them discover their gifts and talents and using these to serve others.

Guide Them in SHARING Christ – Challenge your friend to share Christ to their family and their friends. Give them practical skills on how to share.

As a guide to your friend, you are to …

MODEL – You are the best person to model what a true Christian is.

MENTOR – Give instructions from the Bible, Lovingly correct and rebuke when necessary. Exercise patience because spiritual growth takes time.

MOTIVATE – Challenge your friend to grow spiritually, to rely on the Holy Spirit when confronted with problems and temptations.

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  1. L – Lift your classmates and campus in prayer
  2. I – Introduce Christ to your friends and classmates
  3. G – Guide your friends to grow in Christ
  4. H – Host a student discipleship group (D-Group)
  5. T – Transform your D-group into a movement of multiplying disciples