Introduce Christ to your friends and classmates

Set and plan your time to share Christ to your friend. Be alert for “open doors” God will place before you. As the Star of Bethlehem has led the wise men to where Jesus was born, we should also be a S.T.A.R. to illuminate and lead the way for your friend to know Christ:

START A Meaningful Conversation – A meaningful conversation is something that is real and interesting, touches a need, common to you and your friend. Share a simple testimony of what God did to your life recently. Pray for the right timing and the right words to say.

TURN the Conversation into an Opportunity to Share Christ – Once your friend is ready, shift the conversation from a friendly conversation to a spiritual conversation. A simple question like “Do you have a few minutes to spare to share to you what I believe?” will help you turn the conversation into an opportunity to share Christ. From there tell your personal testimony of transformation when you met Christ. You may also use the Bridge Illustration as guide for sharing the Gospel.

ASK for A Decision – After the Gospel presentation, gently ask for a decision by asking, “Would you like to accept Christ as Lord and Savior of your life?” Lead the person in a prayer to receive Christ: (1) ADMIT that you are a sinner, (2) BELIEVE that Jesus died for your sins and rose again, (3) COMMIT to follow Christ as Lord and Savior of ones life. If the person refuses to accept Christ, politely thank the person and continue to pray for them. Remember, your task is to share Christ, but it is God’s part to touch and transform a person.

REASSURE and Nurture – When the person prays to receive Christ, explain what just took place. Affirm the person that if they truly repented of their sins and believed in Jesus, they are truly saved as testified in the Bible (Ro 10:9) and that they are indeed forgiven (1Jn 1:9). Now that they are a new believer, you must guide them to know Christ better.

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  1. L – Lift your classmates and campus in prayer
  2. I – Introduce Christ to your friends and classmates
  3. G – Guide your friends to grow in Christ
  4. H – Host a student discipleship group (D-Group)
  5. T – Transform your D-group into a movement of multiplying disciples