Lift your classmates and campus in prayer

The harvest is great, but the workers are few. So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into his fields (Mt 9:37-38, NLT)

PRAYER is the water that breaks the hard ground of a person’s unresponsiveness to the Gospel. If we want to see our friends and classmates get saved and our campuses transformed, we must make prayer a daily priority. Use these prayer points to help you lift your classmates and campus in prayer:

Friends & Classmates – Pray for friends and classmates to whom you intend to share the Gospel. Ask God to touch the person’s heart to hunger and thirst for the Gospel. Pray for specifi c needs that they may have.

Fellow Christians – Pray for Christian students in your school. Pray for them that they will not be ashamed of the Gospel. Ask God to open doors for fellow Christian students to work together to reach the campus.

Leaders – Pray for teachers and school admins. They are your leaders and they need wisdom in leading students towards excellence and integrity. Ask God to raise Christian teachers and administrators in the school.

Your Campus – Pray for your school to grow in excellence and righteousness. Ask God to saturate your campus with spiritual hunger for God. Identify Satan’s strongholds and engage in prayer warfare against it.

Yourself – Pray for yourself. Express to God your desire to win your friends and classmates to Christ. Ask God for spiritual boldness and wisdom to share your faith to your friends and classmates.


Prayerwalking is as simple as walking around the campus as you pray the fi ve prayer points above. It helps you to pray for the need as you see them. You can do this alone or with a friend, on a set appointment and as you go to school every week.

Download Campus Prayerwalking (CPW) Booklet


  1. L – Lift your classmates and campus in prayer
  2. I – Introduce Christ to your friends and classmates
  3. G – Guide your friends to grow in Christ
  4. H – Host a student discipleship group (D-Group)
  5. T – Transform your D-group into a movement of multiplying disciples