Transform your D-group into a movement of multiplying disciples

A movement is a group of individuals sharing a common cause and advancing towards a common goal. Your D-group will become movement once its members engage themselves in the LIGHT process: LIFT their friends in prayer, INTRODUCE their friends to Christ, GUIDE their friends to know Christ more, HOLD their own D-groups, and TRANSFORM their D-groups into a movement of multiplying disciples. Teach them to do the LIGHT commitments also.

Imagine student believers recognizing their role as Christ Ambassadors, reconciling their friends and schoolmates to Christ. Imagine the transformation that can happen in your campus as more students choose to receive and follow Christ as Lord and Savior. Imagine the impact it will make in their families and in their lives even after school. This is a picture of transformation because one student committed himself or herself to become a missionary—a Student Missionary—to reach the campus for Jesus.

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  1. L – Lift your classmates and campus in prayer
  2. I – Introduce Christ to your friends and classmates
  3. G – Guide your friends to grow in Christ
  4. H – Host a student discipleship group (D-Group)
  5. T – Transform your D-group into a movement of multiplying disciples