Campaign Ideas

  1. Preach on a thematic series on the importance of reaching the next generation.
  2. Pray and commission this school year’s incoming students and faculty members in your church.
  3. Invite your youth pastor, sectional youth coordinator or district youth officers to challenge the church.
  4. Create awareness by putting up campaign visuals such as posters and banners.
  5. Hold a seminar for youth on how to evangelize and disciple other students.
  6. Identify schools that you are targeting to reach this school year.
  7. Hold a local Chi Alpha training in your church.
  8. Sponsor a freshmen treat for your young people’s friends and classmates when the school opens.
  9. Distribute Book of Hopes and tracts and invite them to a bridging event.
  10. Plan and start student discipleship groups this school year.
  11. Commit a regular corporate time of prayer and intercession as the school starts. Schedule prayerwalks in your target school. Invite the church and leaders to pray with you.
  12. Offer your target school a service that will be beneficial to the students such as tutorial or seminar on improving their academics.

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