Kick-off Rally Program

Date & Time

June 8, Saturday, 8AM-4PM


  • The kick-off rally must be initiated by the district youth department. However, if the geographical scope of the district is too wide for a one-day rally, the district youth department must mobilize sections or group of sections to conduct simultaneous rallies to reach more students. Similar local church initiatives may be done after June 8.
  • Create promotional materials to promote Chi Alpha such as t-shirts, button pins etc.

Suggested Schedule

Before 8:30AM – Registration

  • Include in the registration the schools where students go.

8:30AM – Welcome & Icebreaker

  • Objective: Prepare the youth to worship God freely by opening themselves through fun icebreakers.

9AM – Praise and Worship

  • Objective: Prepare the youth to receive the Word of God (Challenge) through songs of praise and worship.
  • Themesong: “The Anthem” by Jesus Culture. Click this link for the music, lyrics and chords.

10AM – Word/Challenge

  • Objective: Challenge the youth with the Word of God to rise up and be a LIGHT in their respective campuses.
  • Theme: “Inside Job: Rise for such a time as this”
  • Scripture Verse: Esther 4:14
  • Download the sermon guide here.

11AM – Session 1

  • Objective: Present Chi Alpha and the Student: Missionary Campaign
  • Resources

12NN – Lunch Break

1PM – Icebreaker/Songs

  • Objective: Awaken the youth in this sleepy time.

1:30PM – Session 2 (Divided Sessions)

  • Divide group into (1) Students (2) Youth/Campus Ministry Leaders

Student Session

  • Objective: Challenge them to reach their campus by giving them specific skills and taking them through the LIGHT commitments.
  • Resources

Youth/Campus Ministry Leaders

  • Topic: Mobilizing our youth to reach the campus
  • Objective: Present to them the SALT Campaign of Student: Missionary. This will be a strategizing sessions wherein the group can identify key areas for student outreach and adopt campuses as target areas to start Chi Alpha groups.

2:30PM – Promotions

  • Objective – Present the tools and resources that are available for youth and local churches for evangelism and discipleship


  • LIGHT Tools
  • Chi Alpha Bible
  • Cellphone Videos
  • Intentional Moves
  • Manga Mission/Book of Hope
  • Other resources in the website

3PM – Closing Challenge, Prayer and Commissioning

  • Summarize the day’s event and challenge the youth to reach the campus.
  • Challenge them to be a Student: Missionary to their campus.
  • Mobilize them to pray for their campus. Gather high schools and college students in groups. Gather students going to the same school in groups.

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