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Missions TeamsIntroduction

The Philippines is usually known to be the gateway of missions to Asia and the Pacific. Being a nation with a Judeo-Christian background and a relatively high English proficiency, the Philippines is home to various regional missions organizations throughout Asia Pacific. In the recent years, Chi Alpha Philippines has helped connect missions teams to local churches for campus outreach.

For more information about the Philippines, these links can give you an overview:

Campus Calendar

College school year is usually divided into two semesters (few universities implement trimester) spanning from June to March. First semester begins on the first week of June up until third or last week of October. A one to two week semester break follows which usually falls on the major national holiday of All Saints Day (November 1). Second semester immediately starts after the holiday. Christmas and New Years break starts a week before Christmas. Classes resume first week of January up until the last week of March. The months when a new semester kicks-off like June and July and November are great times for missions outreach as these are months of recruitment and evangelism in the campus.


Students’ age bracket are relatively young in the Philippines compared to other nations. Education can be categorized into four stages: Pre-school, Primary/Elementary, Secondary/High School and Tertiary/College. Chi Alpha in the Philippines both reaches out to High School and College Students. High School students range from ages 12-15. College students usually starts at age 16 and will stay in campus from four to five years.

The Philippines recently adopted the K-12 education system which adds two “Junior High School” years in the High School curriculum. Schools have applied this system in high school freshmen in the last year. This will affect the profile of students entering college. More about this topic http://www.gov.ph/k-12/.

What your missions team can do

Your teams can do various activities ranging from connecting with students in the campus to helping us equip student leaders. The mission trips can span from two weeks up to a month. We encourage that as you plan for your trip to consider these activities in mind:

  • Fun bridging events (events that connect non-members to Chi Alpha)
  • Teaching seminars that will help improve students’ academic aptitude or personal well-being
  • Room to room Book of Hope distribution (OneHope) and evangelism
  • Sharing your testimony or speaking in a Chi Alpha small group or a large group meeting
  • Hanging-out with students and Chi Alpha members in their spare time
  • Campus evangelism
  • Equipping seminars for student leaders on leadership, spiritual disciplines and campus ministry essentials
  • International night or events that immerse locals with foreign culture


We also welcome college or ministry internships. If you feel that you have a call for missions in Asia and the youth, campus outreach in the Philippines is a great way to start. We recommend a short-term commitment of one school year (10 months) or one semester (5 months) for an effective ministry among students. Contact your leader or pastor or local missions organization to help you step into your calling.

Connecting with us

We recommend first that you contact your local missions organization to be informed of guidelines regarding sending missions teams on your end. Your local missions organization can also help you facilitate and coordinate your trip. When ready please contact us via our Contact Page.


One thought on “Missions Teams”

  1. Hi Patrick,
    I hope you are well. Sorry for the slow reply about a missions team coming to the Phillipines. We are super keen to send atleast one team of 4-5 in ideally the first week of December. Would that time work for you?
    One key student leader has already saved most of what he will need for it!

    Also on a side note we are planning a combined uni student event in August, do you mind if we use the name “radical outbreak”?

    Be blessed

    Ray Mitchell
    Students for Christ Victoria.


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