Sample Letter of Request and XA Charter

This document is a sample letter of request to register Chi Alpha as an official school organization, and a sample Chi Alpha charter or by-laws or constitution.

Sample XA Letter and Charter for Registration


Learnings about movement-making in Chi Alpha

by Patrick Tan

This week I was asked to share the morning devotion. I thought of a few topics that I could share, but as I prepare my exhortation, one message became clear. I felt that I need to share my learnings about serving in Chi Alpha Philippines. The following message was given to youth leaders last National Youth Leaders Summit of PGCAG on January 29, 2014.

This year is my 10th year serving in youth ministry as a youth minister. And I still remember in April 2004, fresh from graduating in UST architecture that I was struggling about my calling. I was 22 years old at that time. I found myself going up to Baguio to go to AIYS (Asian Institute for Youth Studies, 2nd batch). I took up Institute of Campus Ministry, not knowing what I was in for, because I always wanted to try something new (I’ve been serving in the youth leadership for some years now, but not as youth pastor). There I met Kuya Sur, Ate Merla, Ate Afel, and Brian Lopez. And as they say, the rest was history. I received confirmation from God to be minister of the gospel. Never did I know that was the beginning of my journey in serving in Chi Alpha.

God gives each person a window of opportunity to fulfill what he was made for, not to bring glory to himself, but to God. We often call it now as a “kairos moment” or a time of opportunity. In the Bible, God invites ordinary people to take part in doing something extraordinary for God. I remember when Esther found herself in her make or break situation, God spoke through her uncle Mordecai saying, “And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?” (Esther 4:14) And like Esther, you are here because God raised you up to do something special for Him in this season. The question would you be bold enough to take that window of opportunity to be used by God for His greater glory. Would you be faithful to take the movement to the next generation?

Here are five things I’ve learned about movement-making as I served in Chi Alpha. This is not an exhaustive list, it may also be incomplete, but these are some principles that could help someone who are serving in movements.

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CHED Memo for religious freedom


Guidelines on Student Affairs and Services Program

CHED Memo No. 21 Series of 2006

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Article 3 Section 6. “Student Affairs and Services (SAS) – Student Affairs and Services are the services and programs in any university or college that are concerned with non-academic experiences of students to attain total student development …”

Article 3 Section 16. “Multi-faith Services – refer to the provision of an environment conducive to free expression of one’s religious orientation in accordance with institutional principles and policies.”

(page 4) “Campus Ministry/Multi-faith Services … maybe part of basic student services but may be found in academic support services subject to institutional priority.”


Enhanced Policies and Guidelines on Student Affairs and Services

CHED Memo No. 9 Series of 2013

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Article 5 Section 30. “Multi-faith Services – refer to the provision of an environment conducive to free expression of one’s religious orientation in accordance with institutional principles and policies.”

30.1 “The HEI shall be encouraged to ensure that the right of religion is respected.”

30.2 “The HEI must provide mechanism for the use of facilities.”




The Chi Alpha Challenge

The Chi Alpha Challenge is a multimedia presentation that aims to challenge a student to be part of Chi Alpha. The presentation has two parts:

1.) The challenge to be part of Chi Alpha

– What is Chi Alpha?

– World Changer Video

– You are the powerful percent

– Building a tower of success

2.) Presentation of the Gospel through Bridge Illustration

Download Here – The Chi Alpha Challenge (ZIP file, contains video & powerpoint presentation … 21MB)

Powerpoint Slides